CM Punk’s Pipe Bomb Promo — English to Russian to Japanese to English

pipe bom
Oh, let’s make it a little straight. Your guy who encouraged me to be of similar size as a part of me, like all the others. Because you are the one who is drinking a glass of collection now! You are the one who bought a program myself not present on the flap! And at five o’clock on the airport, you push it in my face, signature, and tried to push it into the eBay because it is too troublesome for you to engage in the work!

I intend to go in the championship perhaps 17 and defend it in hell. Whoever knows, maybe I’ll protect it with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Maybe … I will return to the Ring of Candor!

[Punk waves at the camera]

Hey, Horse Hut, how are you doing it?

That’s why I go — you humans. Because I was still planning to return to the company, even when I’m not there. I’m just talking about the wheel! The bikes keep coming back and I understand it. Vince McMahon is going to make money in spite of his body. He is a billionaire who is a billionaire! Do you know why he’s not a billionaire? When you surround a meaningless, pointless, Jesus happy man trying to convey everything you want to hear, as John Laurinaitis is a happy example, Vince McMahon is, I think, this organization is probably a cadaver. But, in fact, it will inherit the stupid girl and his wife and the rest of his stupid brood.

Please tell me a personal story about Vince McMahon. We will do all this is a rebellious campaign… [Microphone cuts off]

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Dusty Rhodes’ “Hard Times” Promo — English to Korean to Kurdish to Nepali to English

dusty hard timesFirst of all, I am giddy for the many humans in this country’s dirt roads, and cards and letters I wrote to the American Dream. Second, the waiting period for Jim Crockett Promotions! For wrestling fans, for my Starrcade ’85, Jim Crockett was known for the development, and dust needed for the American Imagine. This hope, I got what you want the world champion heavyweight Ric is not possible. I can say more about Ric’s capacity: no relationship, no connection. There is no handshakes among men who steal for a livelihood!

Dusted Rhodes and his family had a hard time with it! It is not difficult to know when, my dad. This land, textile workers are working with four to five children and their salary to pay for a hard time not to buy food? No, not, now, when auto workers lost their jobs and have to say the house! And when it is difficult to 30 years — 30 years — and look at the day and dismissed his chalk down. “Hey, your home computer was gone, Dad.” This is a difficult time! This is a difficult time! And Dusted Rhodes, Ric Flair, and the country is in a difficult time. It was difficult! And all of us have a hard time with it. Like, player, I have to admit, that does not see the day. My stomach is a little older, and my hips a little old, but my brother is bad. And he knew that I am bad.

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Steve Austin’s First “Austin 3:16” Promo at King of the Ring — English to Punjabi to Swahili to Yiddish to English

austin 316Dok Hendrix: Number four of a fancy Monarch of the Circle, a Cold Stone Steve Austin. An upstanding victory!

Steve Austin: The first thing you need to get this piece of shit out of my ring. A son has been shown to me, you can not stay out of the ring it’s only because it takes a lot of time to do, without a doubt, WWF shadow her out there too! You sit there and showed my Bible, and pray for you, and not everywhere. Dicuss your Psalms, discuss John 3: 16 …
Austin 3:16 insists I have just punished your donkey!

Dok Hendrix: Okay, that’s not important.

Austin: Do they buy an inexpensive vessel of  Thunderbird, gotta go and stop trying to dig her back some of their president? As Monarch of the Circle, I’m serving notice to each of WWF large stars. I do not give a damn of that list, and that list of Cold Stone, and I’m about to go on a run with them! The son is considered the winner of the match, as far as I condemn Karalautetauna Boy Smith or David Michaels, Steve Austin’s personal time has come, and that’s when I shot the next, WWF winner to watch. And it is a Cold Stone, so called because it is the bottom of the line!

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Hulk Hogan Creates the nWo — English to Chinese to Czech to Indonesian to Maori to English

Hulk Hogan forms nwoMean Gene Okerlund: See every vile thing in this circle?  This means that if you want to hang around that, and that preference Nash in the front room, which is suitable for you!

Hulk Hogan: In my case, a vile thing means signs of all the fanatics here. After two years, my brother, two years, his head was tall. Everything I do is for the lovemaking. Everything I do is on the children. When I was here, my answer is — what can affect access, my brother? Because if it were not for deeds of Hulk Hogan, who may be here? If it were not for Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, or a food truck on Minneapolis. And if it were not for Hulk Hogan, who came here to see all the game is not here Johnny is tardy. I’ve been selling the world, the sister to college in your car station. Now, my brother, and the New Earth Sequence as Hulk Hogan and wrestling, and I and my new blood in the plan for the Working World Order running like crazy at you!

Every Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy Promo Ever — English to Thai to Italian to Burmese to Uzbek to Englishenzo cass promo

Enzo Amore: I am called Enzo Love and the letter G is bona fide or approved, and it’s not!  And this person is Cass and he is seven meters long and can not be made to learn! A bad explosion most real men here!

Big Broadcast: How are you?



Randy Savage’s “Cream of the Crop” Promo — English to Indonesian to Persian to Bengali to Hungarian to Japanese to English

randy savage creamAverage Genome Okerlund: Please wait a moment, but Randy, I seriously asked him, Jack Tunney, the identity of the ship, and the InterContinental champion Ricky Steamship as president of the World Federation of Grappling, have you said today?

Randy Savage: Yes, I know, yes. If there is no intervention, yes. My moment of glory! Yes, now I live in a nightmare. And ice cream. Now not only the Intercontinental Heavyweight Name, but he lost the band of the World Heavyweight Name! Yes, importance, yes, cream of crops since Hulk Hogan, Machismo Fellow Randy Savage is sometimes good. I think that after a loss of balance, it is not a problem. I am talking about the World Federation of Grappling and I am better than you. And I also said prime Jack Tunney, yes. I will go in my way. No stopping!

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Ultimate Warrior’s Pre-WrestleMania 6 Promo: Warrior to Swahili to Sanksrit to Bengali to French to Welsh to Icelandic to Klingon to German to English

ultimate warriorHello wrestling fans! My name is the Ultimate Warrior, and I am very much looking forward to engaging in an athletic competition against a very worthy adversary, Hulk Hogan. I am honoured to have the opportunity to test my grappling skills against “The Hulkster,” as he is a formidable talent who has reigned atop World Wrestling Federation for quite some time.

I sincerely hope all my “little warriors,” as I like to call my young fans, will cheer loudly, as I will require their moral support if I am to defeat a competitor as talented and experienced as Hulk. Win or lose, however, my greatest honor will be the chance to entertain so many good people at Toronto’s SkyDome, and millions more watching on pay-per-view. I promise I shall give it the old college try! Well, here goes nothing! (Loud snorting).

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