CM Punk tattoos
CM Punk feels he deserves royalties for the Pepsi Cola endorsement inked into his left shoulder, but the company denies any association with the wrestler.

Professional wrestling champion CM Punk is reportedly considering legal action against the Pepsi Cola Corporation over the lack of compensation he has received for his indelibly tattooed endorsement of the soft drink.

For more than a decade, Punk has proudly displayed the large Pepsi tattoo on his left shoulder, mistakenly assuming the company would reimburse him with royalties.

“I didn’t become a walking billboard for Pepsi just for fun,” Punk said during a press conference.

“I deserve to be compensated for all the publicity I’ve given them!”

Punk did not consult the PepsiCo, the multinational corporation that produces the beverage, before getting the tattoo, nor enter into any contractual endorsement deal with the company.

A representative from PepsiCo told Kayfabe News that the company “has absolutely no business connections with Mr. Punk.”

“Frankly, we think Mr. Punk is too arrogant and rude to be a spokesperson for our brand,” said the representative, “and we are considering a lawsuit against Mr. Punk for copyright infringement.”