Former friends CM Punk and Ronda Rousey are scheduled to square off in UFC sometime in the next week or so at UFC 834.

Controversial former pro wrestler CM Punk announced today he is confirmed to face UFC Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey in his debut fight at the UFC 834 pay-per-view.

Punk, whose acrimonious split from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) made headlines last year, is back in the limelight after claiming he will become “best in the world” at inter-gender mixed martial arts.

MMA pundits are putting the odds in Rousey’s favor, since her trademark armbar is more likely to score a victory than Punk’s patented GTS or Savagesque flying elbow drop.

The bout will happen at UFC 834, which, judging by the rapid rate at which UFC events are typically held, will occur sometime next week.

A master of self-promotion, Punk has already begun drumming up attention for the fight with trash-talk, shouting at Rousey: “You have a vagina!”