Fans of professional wrestling may get their proverbial “dream match” next year in New Orleans when CM Punk returns to WWE to face Hunter Hearst Helmsley, according to a picture we just found on the internet. 

Punk and Helmsley will settle a longstanding personal and professional vendetta at WrestleMania 34, the clearly Photoshopped image seems to confirm. 

The photo, which depicts Punk and Helmsley with the WrestleMania logo superimposed on a post-apocalyptic wasteland, apparently confirms that the men will finally settle the score after Punk’s acrimonious 2014 WWE departure.

The image bears the faint watermark of a Twitter account devoted to fandom of CM Punk — an account that has nearly 280 followers — which strongly supports the veracity of the news. 

Although Punk, Helmsley and WWE have declined to comment on the rumors, one can only assume they are remaining tight-lipped until a formal announcement is made, presumably next week on Raw.