Van Baconator
Rob Van Dam poses with the Baconator, the cause of his recent weight gain and the namesake of his new finishing move.

Having put on some weight and no longer able to perform his signature moves, Rob Van Dam recently debuted his new finisher, the Van Baconator.

The move — substantially less flashy and impressive than the Van Terminator and Van Daminator — is essentially a stepover-toehold, but applied slower than usual.

Once known for his acrobatic leaps, impressive flexibility and martial arts prowess, Van Dam has been steadily amassing girth around his midsection, which has limited his mobility.

The cause of Van Dam’s weight gain is reportedly a penchant for Wendy’s bacon-double-cheeseburgers — the namesake of his new signature move.

Sources tell Kayfabe News that every time Van Dam finishes one of the burgers, he points at his shoulders with his thumbs and proudly proclaims that he ate the “whole effin’ thing.”