Clickbait journalism
You clicked a link! This is a token photo caption.

Grab a kleenex and prepare to weep!

This former professional wrestler, “The Heartbroken Child” Sean Micheal, was faced with a terrible choice: he could either kick his best friend, Rick Flare, in the face, or lose the match of a lifetime.

What would Sean do?!

You won’t believe what Sean did!

With tears in his eyes, Sean said “I’m sorry, I love you!” and he “superb-kicked” Rick right on the chin!

Rick Flare retired after that, and is now presumed dead.

Sean was so sad that he lost his smile and shot a bunch of deer and elk.

Aren’t you moved to tears by this clickbait claptrap?

Now that you’re crying, you might enjoy a video about a laboratory chimpanzee that sees grass for the first time, or a rescued pitbull that befriends a kitten, because you’re a sucker for enticing headlines and sappy drivel masquerading as journalism.

Here’s a video!