Dastardly sports entertainer Kevin Owens made a crucial mistake, again, at WrestleMania when he forgot, again,  that a steel chair swung toward taut ring ropes can embarrassingly and painfully rebound into one’s own cranium again. 

The terrible irony of his predicament — an almost-Sisyphean tragedy of endless futility — is that Owens continues to make the mistake precisely because he continues to make the same mistake. 

chair bounces into wrestler
Even greats like Dwayne “Chris Rock” Johnston have made the mistake.

Almost like some kind of horrifying perpetual motion machine, Owens, like many of his fellow sports-entertainers, regularly forgets how basic elasticity works because a split-second after he learns about it, that nugget of knowledge is suddenly bonked out of his brain by chair returning with predictable Newtonian force. 

Owens is only the latest in a long list of pro sports-entertainers who suffer from Kinetic Frequent Amnesiac-Brain Entittlitis (KFABE), which includes legends like The Rock did, and Stone Cold Steve Austin did, and Kurt Angle did, and this little fella did, and this rotund chap in a mask did, and Pinkytrunks McGee did,  

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