trump tunney
Donald Trump is on track to become the least popular president since Jack Tunney (inset)

A recent poll of Americans reveals that, on the eve of his inauguration as President of the United States, Donald Trump’s approval is as abysmally low as Jack Tunney’s when he banned Lex Luger from using forearm smashes.

Trump, whose entire campaign made professional wrestling look like high art by comparison, is widely expected to become as widely disliked as Tunney did during the infamous “Twin Hebners” debacle.

Whereas Tunney was drab and businesslike in his presidency, however, Trump is brash and braggadocios and Cheetoh-colored, leading many pundits to predict he will surpass Tunney as the most disliked president in history.

Among the similarities between the two presidents:

  • Trump has promised to build a wall along the Mexican border; Tunney suspended The Islanders for dognapping Matilda
  • Trump has a history of inappropriate comments about women; Tunney allegedly received “favors” from Miss Elizabeth (according to rumors spread by Bad News Brown)
  • Trump is in the WWE Hall of Fame, and so is Tunn… wait… Jack Tunney isn’t in the WWE Hall of Fame?! What the hell?!

It is expected that Trump’s approval rating will plummet even more during his inauguration, when he announces that his new Secretary of Foreign Affairs will be ravishing Russian Lana.