Political pundits say Biden’s plummeting popularity is largely due to his inability to get himself inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, as his did his predecessor in the White House, Donald JimmyJam Trump. 

Tunney’s lowest approval rating was in 1994 (17%), when he forced Jerry Lawler to apologize to Duke “The Dumpster” Droese for “demonstrating such a brutal amount of violence,” but Biden’s has sunk to 13% after he admitted during a press conference that he “enjoyed Raw Underground.”

Among the similarities between the two presidents:

  • Biden imposed sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine; Tunney suspended The Islanders for dognapping Matilda
  • Tunney respected the sanctity of a televised contract signing, and demanded decorum; Biden fist-bumps tyrants (but has a Clint-Eastwoody vibe when he does so). 
  • Tunney’s presidency was filled with crazy characters wrapped up in absurdly implausible feuds and drama; same for Biden

Yesterday, Biden’s approval rating plummeted to a new low — even lower than Tunney’s in 1989, when he banned Rugged Ronnie Garvin from refereeing for some reason. 



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