“Pope” D’Angelo Dinero has announced his intention to “apply for da job of da Vatican boss.”

Professional wrestler “Pope” D’Angelo Dinero spent this morning updating his resume in hopes of applying for the recently vacated job as leader of the Catholic church.

“I love wrestling, but I’ve always wanted to be the Bishop of Rome and figurehead of Catholics worldwide,” said Dinero, who recently stepped away from TNA Wrestling in order to pursue more pious ambitions.

Dinero announced his intention to “run for the papacy” after the surprise announcement that Pope Benedict would resign from his post due to worsening health.

A veteran of World Wrestling Entertainment and TNA Wrestling, Dinero has been performing on the indy circuit lately, while also pursuing his PhD in Divinity via correspondence from DeVry.

Dinero is confident he will be the first “Black Pope,” which is why he chose @DaBlackPope as his Twitter handle several years ago.

“Mark my words: the Vatican will be my new home soon,” he tweeted.

In response, Dinero’s close friend Brother Devon tweeted: “Testify”