Could it get worse than this? Maybe!

As 2018 approaches, so too does the greatest spectacle in sports entertainment, and speculation has already begun about which tone-deaf flavor-of-the-month pop-rap turd will perform an interminably long set of auditory banality at WrestleMania.

Although it would make sense for WWE to hire a funky 10-piece brass band to perform, given that WrestleMania is being held in New Orleans, the company will surely instead hire some snotty twerps to scream stuff to an indifferent Superdome.

In keeping with the WrestleMania tradition, the musical act will be an unwanted intrusion on the action, the only purpose of which is to give the commentary team a much-needed chance to urinate during the nine-hour pay-per-view spectacular.

Who will it be? Here are our top contenders:

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