WWE polls real
Thanks to the WWE App, fans can now vote for their preferred match type, though there’s really only one option worded several ways.

Thanks to innovative polling technology on the WWE App, fans of World Wrestling Entertainment were able to vote for the type of match they wanted to see this week on Monday Night Raw: a Street Fight, a Road Brawl, or an Avenue Altercation.

Millions of fans voted via smartphone, seeming not to realize or care that their choices were utterly moot, given that the three choices denoted exactly the same kind of match.

Some fans expressed disappointment on Twitter that the options did not include a Thoroughfare Donnybrook, a Boulevard Battle, or a Laneway Fracas.

Later the same evening, fans were prompted to vote yet again, this time choosing whether Adam Rose and Kane would square off in a Dog Collar Match, a Texas Bullrope Match, or an Indian Strap Match — each of which would have unfolded with the exact same action as the other.

The fans’ votes — 76 percent in favour of the Dog Collar Match — were ignored by WWE matchmakers (as is common practice), and the wrestlers instead squared off in a Bunny on a Pole Match.

Next week, fans will have the option to choose between a Steel Cage Match, an Aluminium Cage Match, or a Roofless Hell in a Cell Match.