police wrestling
According to many eyewitnesses, the police officers at a recent WWE event strongly resemble wrestlers from a local indie promotion.

According to many fans in the live audience at a recent WWE Raw event, the six police officers who dashed to the ring to break up a melee looked an awful lot like wrestlers from the local independent promotion.

“Those cops looked a lot like the roster of MWA — the Minneapolis Wrestling Alliance,” said one fan, who added that he attended an MWA event at a nearby high school gymnasium the previous weekend.

“The leader of the cops looked almost identical to MWA champ Johnny Rocketship,” said the fan, “and a couple other cops looked like MWA tag champs The Ballbusters.”

A number of fans confessed that something about the police officers didn’t seem quite right.

Their uniforms, for instance, had the letters “LAPD” on them, and several of the officers had long hair pulled back into ponytails.

“And I don’t think most cops have neck tattoos,” said one fan.


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