photoDoes this photo, just obtained by Kayfabe News from an anonymous source, show controversial former WWE superstar CM Punk arriving at the Barclay’s Center in New York for a surprise appearance at the 25th anniversary of Monday Night Raw?


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No it does not.

Don’t be silly.

That could be anyone in the photo. And CM Punk is near the bottom of the list of people it could be, along with Lil Jimmy.

CM Punk’s widely publicized split from WWE was acrimonious, and he has said on numerous occasions that he will never return.

He’s a UFC fighter now, and has only been defeated ONCE in his Octagon career.

Besides, does that photo even look like an arena? It’s an airport, doofus.

The guy in the pixelated photo doesn’t even look anything like CM Punk. Do you need glasses or something?

You’re more likely to see a surprise run-in at Raw 25 by B. Brian Blair. Come to think of it, that would be awesome.

Let’s try to get #BringBackBBrianBlair trending.

Enjoy Raw, numbnuts!