CM Punk tokyo
CM Punk visited Japan a few years ago — a trip unrelated to this weekend’s WWE event in the country.

Does this photograph depict CM Punk in Tokyo, where World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is hosting its “Beast in the East” event this weekend?

Yes! The photo indeed shows Punk during a visit to Japan several years ago, many months before his acrimonious departure from WWE.

Now that we re-read it, the headline to this article might be misconstrued as implying that CM Punk’s previous trip to Japan is somehow related to this weekend’s WWE event, which it most assuredly is not.

We apologize for any confusion. We just thought you might enjoy this old photo we found of CM Punk in Japan. Perhaps our timing was poor.

CM Punk is currently in Chicago training for his UFC debut, which is scheduled to occur sometime before the Sun becomes red giant and incinerates the solar system.