Paul Roma
Paul Roma says he can't wait for his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame alongside his fellow Four Horsemen.

Paul Roma complained to his local post office yesterday when he failed to receive his invitation to the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

The former member of the Four Horsemen — a legendary wrestling faction being inducted into the Hall of Fame this year — is puzzled by the absence of a formal invitation to the ceremony.

“I can understand the invitation getting lost in the mail — it happens,” Roma said yesterday. “But you’d think they’d call or e-mail me to confirm. I’d like to RSVP soon.”

Roma was doubly puzzled when a vignette about the Four Horsemen that aired on WWE programming failed to contain even a single frame of footage depicting his tenure in the faction.

“It’s weird,” Roma said, “but I’m sure I’ll get a call from Vince (McMahon) soon to clear everything up. I’m so excited for the Hall of Fame ceremony — can’t wait.”

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