paul heman raw
Will Paul Heyman finally come out of his shell tonight?

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has confirmed that Paul Heyman, advocate for shaven gorilla Brock Lesnar, will appear on Monday Night Raw to demonstrate his has overcome his debilitating phobia of public oratory.

A notoriously shy and reserved man, Heyman has been the silent impresario behind some of wrestling’s most verbose stars, but sources close to him reveal he plans to come out of his shell tonight.

“Paul has spent the past several months attending public-speaking courses such as Toastmasters, and he is finally ready to address a crowd,” said Lesnar, who is known as the chatty and eloquent one of the duo.

Although Heyman has never uttered more than a few hushed words on television, he is reportedly planning to speak for an entire minute tonight.

“I just hope people don’t boo,” Heyman tweeted earlier today. “I hate it when they boo. It hurts my feelings and I just clam up.”