Foreign object
The domestic object with which the patriotic heel Damien Blackstone (inset) illegally clobbers opponents.

Although nefarious professional wrestler Damien Blackstone often cheats to win, he patriotically clobbers opponents with only domestic-made illegal objects.

“When I reach into my tights when the ref’s back is turned, you can rest assured I’m grabbing a piece of steel that was forged right here in the US of A,” Blackstone told Kayfabe News.

While Blackstone acknowledges that using a foreign object might be more typically heel-like, he confesses he just can’t bring himself to cheat with inferior foreign objects.

“If I used Chinese-made brass knuckles or something, the damn things would probably break,” he said.

“No way — if I can’t cheat patriotically, I won’t cheat at all.”

Blackstone also refuses to utilize the German suplex or the Russian legsweep.