RKO vines
Randy Orton claims he actually performed an RKO on a pro soccer player (inset) and hundreds of other unsuspecting civilians.

Never one to shy away from bold self-aggrandizement, professional wrestler Randy Orton insisted today that he actually delivered his signature RKO maneuver to every hapless victim in the short videos that have become a viral internet phenomenon.

“Those are legit videos of me,” Orton said of the clips, which that have been shared by millions on YouTube and Vine.

“I RKO’d all those people, mostly outta nowhere, but sometimes outta somewhere.”

The veracity of Orton’s claim is dubious, since most of the videos depict him moving in a herky-jerky manner and flying through the air in apparent defiance of the laws of gravity before nailing his victims with an RKO.

In nearly all the videos, it appears that a haphazard animation of Orton has been digitally inserted after the fact, thus creating the illusion that he delivered RKOs to people who are falling face-first to the ground for different reasons (typically their own stupidity).

Orton adamantly denies any such digital tampering occurred with the videos.

“Nope, that was actually me every time,” he said.

“I RKO’d that skateboarder. I RKO’d that parkour guy. I RKO’d that giraffe. I even RKO’d the Shockmaster.”

Although his claims are widely disputed, they gained some credibility when Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross insisted that they provided live, on-the-scene commentary to all those RKOs.

Orton adamantly insists every clip in this compilation is an accurate depiction of a real-life RKO: