randy orton walk to ring
Randy Orton blew his opportunity to win the WWE Championship after taking much to long to walk to the ring.

Professional wrestler Randy Orton was unsuccessful in his attempt to “cash-in” his Money in the Bank contract yesterday after taking more than 17 minutes to saunter to the ring.

The glacial pace of Orton’s entrance allowed his opponent, John Cena, to fully recover from the beat-down he had just suffered at the hands of Mark Henry.

Typically, keepers of the symbolic Money in the Bank briefcase are highly opportunistic, waiting until the champion is incapacitated before launching a surprise attack to win the title.

Orton, on the other hand, approached the ring at a snail’s pace, allowing Cena to catch his breath, have a drink of water and even sign a few autographs for fans at ringside.

Commentator Michael Cole remarked that Orton’s downfall was that he obviously came “outta somewhere.”