wcw vs wwe
Steve McGuire is still holding out hope that WCW might win the Monday Night Wars.

Steve McGuire, a 27-year-old wrestling fan and unflappable optimist, is still holding out hope that WCW might defeat WWE in the so-called Monday Night War.

“Hey, it could happen,” said McGuire, who describes himself as a “glass half-full kind of guy.”

McGuire seems undeterred by the fact that, in 2001, World Wrestling Entertainment bought out its fiercest rival, World Championship Wrestling, after a bitter five-year “war” for television ratings.

“That was a minor setback,” said McGuire.

“I mean, Ted (Turner, former WCW owner) is still a billionaire and he’s still a brilliant businessman. This decade of dormancy might all be a ruse.”

Friends and family describe McGuire him as “unrealistically optimistic about everything,” particularly matters pertaining to professional wrestling.

Last year, McGuire was convinced that Zack Ryder was on his way to a WWE Championship reign, and that Randy Savage faked his own death to prepare for a surprise WWE return.

“I just try to be positive,” said McGuire, who has never made a correct prediction.