rebound lariat
Kane somehow doesn’t realize Dean Ambrose is in the midst of his silly reboundy thing.

Despite being a veteran with more than two decades of experience in the ring, professional wrestler Kane somehow failed to predict that opponent Dean Ambrose was about to magically rebound from the ropes with a “surprise” attack last night.

Ambrose, who performs the implausible Rebound Lariat at least thrice every match, miraculously managed to catch Kane off-guard with the maneuver.

“Kane didn’t see that one coming!” exclaimed commentator Michael Cole, subtly implying that Kane certainly should have seen that one coming.

A noted sports psychologist suggests that Kane may suffer from a kind of acute memory loss that afflicts professional wrestlers, preventing them from anticipating highly predictable and choreographed attacks.

The same mental paralysis has caused every opponent of Rey Mysterio to remain draped over the second rope and susceptible to the 619, and every opponent of John Cena to lie prone like a dummy prior to the Five Knuckle Shuffle.