In the first of a series of guest editorials for Kayfabe News, self-described “sports entertainment superfan” Vance Kenneth MacManus explains why he believes WWE’s flagship program, Monday Night Raw, should be an hour longer. 

As a life-long member of the WWE Universe®, I cannot wait to watch WWE Raw every Monday night on the USA Network.

Quite frankly, it is the highlight of my week!

Like each and every one of you, I look forward to watching the WWE Superstars® and Superstarlets compete inside the squared circle. Anything can happen in WWE!

Quite frankly, WWE brings smiles to people’s faces — including my own!

When I’m watching WWE’s captivating weekly live events and biweekly pay-per-views — whether at home, sculpting my preposterous physique at the gym, or flying aboard my private jet — I can’t help but admire the creative genius and business savvy that has made WWE an international juggernaut.

But, quite frankly, I have one complaint: I just wish Raw were longer!

Three hours is just not enough time for WWE to put enough smiles on enough faces each Monday! As a superfan, I just need more time to watch my favorite Superstars®, like Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns!

If Raw were four hours long, it would give me the time I need to fully appreciate Raw, which is the longest running weekly episodic program in television history! Longer episodes of Raw would also give me more time to appreciate the valued sponsors that help WWE create such captivating programming, and would give me more more time to buy amazing fashions and other radical products on®!

So if you feel like I do, why not use the hashtags #FourHourRaw and #ThankYouVince on social media, and perhaps WWE executives will listen to us fans, the way they always do!

Perhaps, if we’re lucky, SmackDown LIVE® will get longer too!

Sure, I’m just a fan like each and every one of you, but make no mistake about it — together we can make our voices heard, quite frankly.

– Vance Kenneth MacManus

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