Trump hillary
Donald Trump is in the WWE Hall of Fame. Hillary Clinton is not. Why are the polls even close?

With the most contentious presidential election in American history just around the corner, voters are faced with a difficult choice: to elect either the candidate who is in the WWE Hall of Fame, or vote for someone who hasn’t even attended a WrestleMania.

“Crooked Hillary claims to be qualified to president, but where’s her WWE Hall of Fame ring?” said Republican candidate Donald Jimmy-Jam Trump, a universally beloved legend of professional wrestling who was inducted into the hallowed Hall in 2013.

“In fact,” Trump added, “Crooked Hillary is such a disaster, such a nasty woman, she can’t even get into the TNA Hall of Fame!”

Despite widespread polling that shows Hillary Clinton ahead in the race, Trump has dismissed those polls as “wrong” and “rigged,” because they don’t reflect his massive support among WWE fans, who love him unconditionally.

Come election day, America will have to decide whether it wants a respected WWE Hall of Famer in the White House or — perish the thought — an experienced politician.

Hillary Clinton didn’t shave Vince McMahon’s head after hiring an enormous black man to fight a savage Samoan — Donald Trump did.┬áThe right choice is clear, America.