billy kidman
Billy Kidman works behind the scenes at WWE, and wishes his coworkers would start calling him Wiliam Manman.

An older, wiser Billy Kidman says he has outgrown the immature habits of his youth and would now prefer to be addressed by his full name William Manman.

The retired wrestler, who rose to notoriety as a scruffy ne’er-do-well in Raven’s Flock and the Filthy Animals in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), says he has “matured far beyond the brazen impetuousness of youth.”

Now working as a backstage producer on Monday Night Raw, he is clean-cut and typically wears three-piece suits — a stark contrast to the greasy hair and “wifebeater” tank tops of his earlier days.

“I wish to be addressed by a name more befitting a man of my age and social standing,” he said.

“Henceforth, I shall be known as William Manman, Esquire.”

Moments later, the bellowing voice of Vince McMahon was heard hollering backstage: “Kidman, where’s my goddamned latte?!”