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Ronda Rousey demonstrates Hold #419 on Jericho’s list of 1,004 holds, the armbar.

“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey, who transitioned from the phoney UFC to the real sport of professional wrestling, has proven that she is proficient in more than half of Chris Jericho’s 1,004 holds — specifically, all the armbars.

During her in-ring debut this week on Monday Night Raw, Rousey proved that she is a master of Hold #73 (armbar), Hold #442 (armbar), Hold #412 (arm bar), and Hold #1002 (Irish whip into armbar).

While Rousey has not yet mastered some of the more complex moves in Jericho’s vast arsenal — the Saskatchewan spinning nerve hold, for example, or┬áthe moss-covered three-handled family grudunzle — she has become extremely adept at the arm bar, as well as the arm bar.

Given that she is still a rookie when it comes to WWE, Rousey has plenty of time to learn a wider array of maneuvers, such as the wrist lock, arm wringer, and Canadian arm drag.

Jericho himself tweeted last night that Rousey’s “arm bar is looking very good,” and that he’ll personally “teach her how to do the Manitoba left-arm armbar.”

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