Breeze liger NXT
Jushin Thunder Liger (left, horny) will be the underdog in his NXT debut against wily veteran Tyler Breeze.

Rookie professional wrestler Jushin Thunder Liger hopes to make a great first impression this Saturday when he makes his NXT debut against grizzled ring veteran Tyler Breeze.

Little is known about Liger, who has yet to perform on NXT programming, and is believed to have been “discovered” by WWE talent scouts when the company was in Japan last month.

An unproven commodity, Liger will face an uphill battle when he comes face-to-face with Breeze, who has been dominating the likes of Tyson Kidd and Chad Gable since his own NXT debut way back in 2013.

Although the masked underdog is shrouded in mystery, sources confirm that he is Japanese, his middle name is a tribute to WCW’s defunct weekly TV series, and his surname is a reference to Napoleon Dynamite’s favorite animal.

According to one reliable backstage source, the role of Liger may be portrayed by Hunico.