NXT invasionAfter vanquishing their main-roster counterparts at WWE Survivor Series, the young talent of NXT are now facing their toughest challenge yet from a motley group of untrained schlubs from the new pre-developmental brand, FRST.

Fans at a recent NXT event in Florida were shocked when a motley crew of “invading” “talent” from FRST (pronounced “First”) climbed over the ringside guardrail — many falling awkwardly in the process — and claimed to be “taking over.”

The invading FRST newcomers, who have no wrestling training whatsoever, include:

  • “Fresh” Johnny Francis, a 27-year-old sandwich artist who joined FRST after being double-dared to do so by his sister
  • Lanny “The Lamb” Littleton, a longtime wrestling fan who refuses to let his asthma, pinkeye, obesity and chronic laziness prevent him from chasing his dreams of wrestling stardom
  • Timmy “The Terrible Two” Thompson, a mischievous but adorable toddler who wandered away from his mother on the campus of Full Sail University
  • Sugar, a four-year-old boxer cross who was attracted to the ring by the pungent smell of soaked-in sweat and spray-tan

Given the remarkable success that NXT achieved against their more-experienced main-roster counterparts, it is expected that the invading forces from FRST will easily dominate the competition and be in the main event of WrestleMania.

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