nxt fans chantingFans at a recent sports-entertainment event featuring the rising stars of NXT enthusiastically cheered and chanted in support of their favorite performers: themselves.

“We are awe-some!” chanted the fans, followed by a syncopated series of five handclaps. “We are awe-some!”

Throughout the event, the fans’ chanting became increasingly irreverent — and irrelevant — in an ongoing attempt to make themselves heard regardless of whether they had anything of value to express.

“This is chan-ting!” hollered the fans, again followed by the rhythmic quintuple handclap. “This is chan-ting.”

While some¬†pundits have accused the wrestling fans of “hijacking” events with ironic, know-it-all chants, the fans have responded to such allegations by repeatedly asking for clarification:¬†“What?!”