rick o'shea
Rick O’Shea brought his trademark Irish luck to the WWE Performance Center this week.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) recently signed several buzzworthy rookies to its developmental league, NXT, and fans are particularly excited for the debut of a handsome and athletic newcomer named Rick O’Shea.

Little is known about Rick O’Shea, though it is widely assumed from his surname that he is of Irish descent (and, according to some rumours, the illegitimate son of Hornswoggle).

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Die-hard wrestling fans say O’Shea is a veteran of Japanese professional wrestling, where he reportedly wrestled against in a series of acrobatic matches against someone named Willow Spray.

Also signed to NXT at the same time as Rick O’Shea are a faction called Warm Sheen, featuring Ray Monroe and former Mmm-bopping pop trio Hanson.