Akam and Rezar have left a path of destruction in their wake as they have torn through the NXT tag-team division, but their days may be numbered amid allegations that they have plagiarized Pain.

Although they are collectively known as The Authors of Pain, the veracity of their authorship is being called into question by anonymous sources who claim the duo have blatantly stolen the majority of Pain.

“At best, they’re the Copy-and-Pasters of Pain,” said one source, who, for the sake of anonymity, asked to be identified only as J. Cornette. “Those guys are the Milli Vanilli of Pain.”

Akam and Rezar are named as authors on the cover of the best-selling poetry anthology Pain, but experts say the varied writing style suggests the poems were written by multiple authors, none of whom are Akam or Rezar.

The conclusion that Akam and Rezar are plagiarists is the most plausible one if you apply the logical law of parsimony known, ironically, as Occam’s Razor.

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