Nature boy
The inappropriately named Nature Boy, in all his unnatural, unboyish splendor.

Despite being known by the nickname “Nature Boy” during his entire illustrious career, practically nothing about Ric Flair’s appearance or personality is natural or boyish, sources say.

From his bleached-blond hair to his leathery, over-tanned hide and his larger-than-life persona, Flair is actually the polar opposite of natural in practically every regard. What’s more, his advancing age makes the term “boy” wholly incorrect.

“The term ‘Nature Boy’ seems almost comically inappropriate to describe Flair,” says wrestling historian Oliver Grieg.

“His hair is dyed, his body is shaven, his teeth are whitened, his sex life is exaggerated — though not by much — and he has admitted to using steroids in the past to bulk up his physique. Plus he hasn’t actually been a ‘boy’ for about 60 years of so.”

A much more fitting nickname for Flair, suggests Grieg, would be The Unnatural Man.