The escalating threats of North Korea against the United States reached a boiling point today when the totalitarian Asian nation threatened to attack American targets using Adam Bomb.

“We have Adam Bomb, and we will demonstrate our nations divine power by unleashing him on America,” said North Korean President Kim Jong-Un in a state-run radio broadcast.

“He’s really muscular, so watch out.”

According to intelligence reports, Adam Bomb has been spotted recently in North Korea wearing a singlet bearing a radioactive symbol, as well as a pair of blast-protection goggles.

Officials in Washington have routinely dismissed such threats, however, saying the North Korea does not have the missile technology necessary to deliver Adam Bomb to any long-range targets in the United States.

Tensions between the two nations were sparked again this week amid the Sony email hacking scandal, which revealed that the so-called Montreal Screwjob was a work.

Adam Bomb has reportedly held a longstanding grudge against the US after he was abruptly released from a World Wrestling Federation contract in the early 1990s. He is considered a traitor by the United States after he relocated to North Korea, where he has been working with weapons specialists ever since.

Adam Bomb is not the only disgruntled former professional wrestler to commit treason against the United States. Dusty Rhodes is rumored to have been working with the Iranian military to develop atomic elbows.

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