bray wyatt fiend same
See? Clearly two different people.

There is a common misconception among fans of professional sports-entertaining — a misconception fueled by misleading commentary and bogus wrestling “news” websites — that The Fiend is really Bray Wyatt under a mask, but last night’s TLC event proved once and for all that they are two separate people.

It is understandable that simpleminded people might think Wyatt and the Fiend are one and the same, given that both men frequently appear on children’s program Firefly Fun House, and the men share a similar physique and tattoos, but that is where the similarities end!

Whereas conspiracy theorists speculate that The Fiend is just Wyatt under a phantasmagorical mask, that cockamamie theory was put to rest at last night’s WWE TLC pay-per-view, where both men were seen on camera¬†at the same time.¬†

While Bray Wyatt was standing in the ring, The Fiend appeared live on the TitanTron. Explain that, conspiracy wingnuts! You can’t!

Want more proof? When The Fiend appeared on the TitanTron, Wyatt excitedly proclaimed “He’s here!” Wyatt did NOT say “I’m here.” He said “He’s here.” Could it be any clearer?

The notion that The Fiend and Wyatt are the same person is preposterous for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that Wyatt is a fun-loving, friend-making star of a colourful TV show, whereas The Fiend is a nefarious, hideous monster from the depths of hell. See the difference, dummies?

Some kooks may argue that The Fiend is a manifestation of an undiagnosed mental disorder for which Wyatt needs professional psychiatric help, but that is also nonsense, because that would mean WWE is portraying mental illness in an over-the-top, cartoonish manner, which is something a woke, progressive company like WWE would never, ever do.



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