Nikki Bella attacks brie
Nikki Bella (middle, embreasted) demonstrates the mean streak associated with her Wyatt Family lineage.

WWE Diva Nikki Bella, whose recent verbal and physical attacks on twin sister Brie have shocked the wrestling world, admitted today she is the elusive fourth member of the Wyatt Family, Sister Abigail.

Nikki, the larger-bosomed Bella, insisted that she bears no actual blood relation to Brie, and that any physical resemblance is purely coincidental/hot.

Brie, reeling from weeks of unprovoked abuse at the hands of her “sister,” said Nikki’s revelation “actually explains a lot.”

Added Brie: “It certainly explains her recent interest in buzzards.”

Sister Abigail has long been presumed to be a fictional or imaginary facet of Bray Wyatt’s imbalanced psyche, and few in the wrestling world believed she would actually turn out to be a real person, let alone a buxom Diva.

According to Wyatt, Sister Abigail’s “true identity has been obfuscated until this twisted world was ready to witness the wonderful truth, but now [dramatic pause] she’s here! [maniacal laughter]”

On a forthcoming episode of Total Divas, Nikki/Abigail is seen painting her toenails, shopping for jewelry with a bored-looking John Cena, and sacrificing a live goat.