Night of Champions WWE
Due to a sudden lack of violent intentions among the performers, Night of Champions has been called off.

Night of Champions, the-pay-per-view event that World Wrestling Entertainment was scheduled to host this weekend, has been called off after all the wrestlers managed to resolve their disputes through peaceful dialogue and compromise.

“Violence is never the answer,” said Seth Rollins, while scheduled opponent John Cena nodded in agreement.

Added Rollins: “We all have just agreed to disagree.”

The Night of Champions event was supposed to feature eight matches pitting bitter rivals against one another in man-on-man combat, but all those feuds have been settled peacefully thanks to facilitated conversation.

It is uncertain what kind of ripple effects this breakthrough will have within the professional wrestling industry, since physical conflict has been a mainstay in the business.

Monday’s episode of Raw will continue as scheduled, but will consist of a three-hour debate in which WWE wrestlers explore the merits and pitfalls of military intervention in Syria.