Music lovers and wrestling fans alike are abuzz today with the announcement that internationally renowned rock and roll band Nickelback will perform for at least 30 minutes on each night of WrestleMania 37. 

WWE described the recruitment of Nickelback “the Rock N’ Wrestling Connection for a whole new generation.”

Nickelback, of course, is the world’s greatest rock and roll band — a multi-platinum-selling juggernaut who WWE fans universally love because a Nickelback song was once the theme song of Raw (the one that goes “Da-da-dada-da-da HEY! Ba-da-dada-da HEY!”). 

On each night of WrestleMania, the Canadian rock icons are expected to play half-hour set of their greatest hits, including Photograph, How Your Remind Me, That One From The Spiderman Movie, The Raw Theme, The One Where That Goofy-looking Singer Guy is All Like “Derr Der Derrrrrr” All Dramatic And Stuff, Rockstar, and Grab Them Cakes. 

One backstage rumor suggests that Nickelback minstrel Chad Kroeger is planning to sneak attack Bad Bunny, which would lead to the biggest rivalry in music and wrestling since the iconic WWE run of Kevin Federline. 


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