Fans of professional wrestling will remember Nicholas as the pint-sized powerhouse who unexpectedly won the WWE Tag Team Championships with Brawn Strowman — but he’s not a kid anymore, and he’s ready to once again do battle in WWE.

Nicholas [Surname Unknown] is now 22 years old and creating a huge buzz on the independent wrestling scene, particularly after he recently defeated Japanese legend Minoru Suzuki by submission. 

Now standing six-foot-three and weighing 278 pounds of solid muscle, Nicholas is a far cry from the timid young man who burst onto the WWE tag scene at WrestleMania 34. 

Shortly after his momentous debut, Nicholas quit WWE to continue honing his in-ring skills in Japan, Mexico and Puerto Rico, gaining notoriety in Combat Zone Wrestling (WWE) for his series of bloody deathmatches against Nick Gage and Shlak. 

Nicholas is expected to return to WWE television within the next two weeks, leading up to a three-way match pitting Nicholas against Brock Lesnar and Omos. 




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