jax squash strowman
Nia Jax (left) and Braun Strowman prepare to face — and handily defeat — one another.

Having both defeated a string of hapless ham-and-eggers in weekly “squash” matches, Braun Strowman and Nia Jax finally faced one another tonight, each quickly trouncing the other to earn a decisive draw victory.

A mere 58 seconds after the opening bell, referee Mike Chioda raised the arms of both Strowman and Jax, while commentator Michael Cole exclaimed: “Can anyone defeat these monsters?!”

Jax and Strowman were clearly no match for each other, both taking the early upper-hand and demolishing the other with a series of clubbing blows and high-impact maneuvers.

Like the series of jobbers each has demolished in previous weeks — James Ellsworth, Britt Baker, Americos, Rachel Levy — both Strowman and Jax were barely able to stand after emerging victorious against each other.

Both Jax and Strowman now have one loss on their record, yet remain undefeated.