WWE 13 realistic
In WWE 13, players must drive Steve Austin around his Texas ranch on an ATV for many months before making periodic appearances on WWE programming.

According to many reviewers, the new World Wrestling Entertainment video game released today by THQ achieves a level of realism unmatched even by the spectacle it simulates.

“This game is so realistic — it’s inaccurate!” raved one reviewer on IGN.com, a popular game review site.

The newest game in THQ’s annual franchise, WWE ’13, gives players an unprecedented, immersive experience that provides more hard-hitting action and compelling conflicts than can ever be seen on WWE programming.

Among the hyper-realistic features of the new game are:

– referees that get back to their feet shortly after being knocked down

– dialogue that doesn’t sound as if it was scripted by a half-drunk former soap-opera writer

– storylines with genuine intrigue, plot development and logical continuity

– Long stretches of gameplay that require the player to navigate his/her character through airports, hotels, gyms, rental car companies and obligatory Make-A-Wish meet-and-greets.

Although the game is earning widespread praise for its realism, many reviewers are lamenting that it’s “not actually fun.”