CM Punk’s sweet, sweet can is featuring in a sexy new video on

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) released a four-minute video today that proves, beyond a shadow of doubt, that someone within the company is obsessed with CM Punk’s bum.

The video, which includes no music or commentary, features a montage of slow-motion footage of the former WWE Superstar’s perky posterior, frequently pausing to allow for gratuitous gluteus zoom-ins.

The video is reportedly WWE’s response to allegations Punk made on Colt Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” podcast, when he claimed to have “the prettiest tushy in sports entertainment.”

Though WWE has neither officially confirmed nor denied these allegations, the new video released today seems to indicate that some high-ranking executives within the company love how Punk’s firm, toned cheeks fill out his wrestling trunks.

Although Punk claimed to be suffering from a staph infection on his lower back at the time the footage was filmed, everyone who has seen the video has been too distracted by Punk’s scrumptious rump to notice any infection.

You can watch the video and marvel at Punk’s perfect posterior below: