Reigns wrestlemania
Many fans consider Andre-versus-Reigns to be the most iconic wrestling match of all time.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) posted an inspirational new video on its website today celebrating the iconic moment when Roman Reigns bodyslammed Andre the Giant in front of 73,000-plus fans at the Pontiac Silverdome.

“The irresistible force meets the immovable object!” commentator Gorilla Monsoon proclaims as the two titans of sports-entertainment stare one another down.

At ringside, Bobby Heenan confidently predicts the death of Reigns-a-Mania.

The video also showcases the unforgettable moment on Piper’s Pit when Andre challenged Reigns to the match, tearing off his SWAT vest and ripping the crucifix from his neck.

The WrestleMania 3 showdown was the greatest challenge Reigns would ever face in his illustrious career — except perhaps for his highly anticipated upcoming match against Triple H, which fans unanimously can’t wait to witness.

Next week, WWE will debut a new tribute video showcasing Reigns’ epic series of hour-long matches against Ricky Steamboat.