WWE Network
WWE Slumberstars will feature eight hours of action like this.

Fans of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) will soon get unprecedented access into the lives of their favorite Superstars thanks to a new reality program that depicts, in real time, wrestlers as they sleep.

The show, WWE Slumberstars, follows the trend set by other WWE Network programs such as Total Divas and Ride Along, which give viewers unprecedented access to the most mundane, unremarkable aspects of wrestlers’ lives.

“Ever wonder if Adam Rose snores, or if Dolph Ziggler wears a mouthguard to prevent teeth-grinding?” reads a press release about the new show. “Find out with WWE Slumberstars!”

Each eight-hour episode will use night-vision technology to depict how exhausted WWE Superstars catch up on much-needed sleep in soulless hotel rooms around the world.

According to the WWE Network programming schedule, the premiere episode of Slumberstars, scheduled to air this Saturday, will feature:

  • Xavier Woods tries new pajamas
  • The Miz dozes off while watching Christmas Bounty
  • R-Truth has night terrors and murmurs about conspiracies

WWE also announced today another show to premiere on the network this summer, “Watch Wrestlers Watch Paint Dry.”