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Jason Eisener, director of Dark Side of the Ring, is now a suspect in the McMahon Limo Bombing — a topic that was conspicuously ignored by Eisener’s “documentary” filmmaking.

Building on the popularity of Dark Side of the Ring, a gritty documentary series about grim points in sports-entertainment history, VICE announced today an even-grittier behind-the-scenes spinoff called Dark Side of Dark Side of the Ring.

If you thought the tales of depravity and abuse chronicled in Dark Side of the Ring made you regret loving wrestling, wait until you see what kind of filth is in store with Dark Side of Dark Side of the Ring

VICE announced the first five episodes of the so-called “meta-cocumentary” which was created by a hidden-camera team following every move of the makers of Dark Side of the Ring. 

Season One of Dark Side of Dark Side of the Ring will include: 

  • Episode 1: James E. Coronary. The terrifying tale of a day of filming Dark Side of the Ring in Jim Cornette’s cluttered attic, when Cornette became so enraged while discussing Vince Russo that several important blood vessels burst in Cornette’s solar plexus, leading to emergency surgery on his breadbasket. 
  • Episode 2: Jerichoholics (Q)Anonymous. In cautionary tale about how a “little bit of” can become a “dependency on” the bubbly, and breed irrational thinking, a Dark Side of the Ring narrator struggles with an addiction to champagne and nonsense. 
  • Episode 3: The Montreal Handjob. Viewer discretion advised on this episode, in which Dark Side of the Ring crew member Geoff Sturges, overcome by loneliness while shooting b-roll in Canada’s Frenchiest province, seeks a relaxing massage at a place with a neon sign that is open at 1:37am, and then taps out quicker than expected. 
  • Episode 4: Shadow Wrestlers. A behind-the-scenes expose on the independent wrestlers who, shrouded in shadows, re-enact wrestling’s darkest moments. “It was a nightmare,” said one shadow wrestler, who, for the sake of anonymity, asked to be identified as Danning Checker. 
  • Episode 5: New Jack Hustle. A shocking expose about how Jerome “New Jack” Young pulled off the ultimate con, fooling everyone — even the makers of Dark Side of the Ring. New Jack reveals on Dark Side of Dark Side of the Ring that he is actually Jeremy deYonge, 64-year-old environmental lawyer born and raised Toronto, whose “violent” moments in wrestling were, by his own admission, entirely fake. “I’d never hurt a fly,” says deYonge in the trailer for the episode. “New Jack was just a fictional character I portrayed after studying stage-fighting for three years at Juilliard.” New Jack also reveals that he and longtime “nemesis” Vic Grimes are, in real life, engaged to be married.  

Rumors are already swirling online about another potential spinoff, exposing the shameful underbelly of meta-documentaries, tentatively titled Dark Side of Dark Side of Dark Side of the Ring

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