Lawmakers in Florida, Georgia and Kentucky are among the first in the United States to implement a law that requires all fans of professional wrestling who walk around in public carrying expensive replica championship belts to defend their title under 24/7 rules.

Until now, wrestling fans have had the freedom to strut around live events and wrestling conventions with relative impunity, believing they could keep the belts just because they paid exorbitant amounts of money for them.

But that will soon change, as fans who acquire a replica belt for more than $400 will be legally obligated to defend his/her (but let’s face it, his) unearned championship at any time a referee is nearby, which is an oddly common occurrence. 

Since the laws were enacted, WWE Superstar R-Truth (real name Reginald VelKillings) has won 27 replica championships by sneaking up on, then pinning, replica-championship-holders, while they sleep. 

The laws are controversial among many wrestling fans, since their replica championship belts give them a replica sense of self esteem. 

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