New Jack Beyond the Mat
New Jack (right) has finally landed a role as Denzel’s best friend.

Notorious hardcore wrestler New Jack has finally transitioned into Hollywood acting, having landed a movie role portraying Denzel Washington’s best friend.

New Jack, who rose to notoriety in professional wrestling for slashing, stabbing and bludgeoning opponents with assorted weaponry, will star alongside the Oscar-winning actor in a buddy-cop movie called Black In Blue, due out next year.

Landing the role is the culmination of a 15-year wait for New Jack, who auditioned for the part in 1998, as chronicled in the documentary Beyond the Mat.

Although New Jack (born Jerome Young) had been hoping to score the lead role, he instead got second-billing after a pair of pretentious casting agents deemed him better suited to play Denzel’s best friend.

Although the casting agents didn’t overtly say so, it’s likely that New Jack was denied the leading role because of the repulsive patchwork of scar tissue on his forehead.

Asked how he feels about making his Hollywood debut, New Jack replied: “Oh f*** n***a, I’m f*****g sh*****g myself n***a!”