WWE app itunes
The new ColeBlock app automatically mutes your television whenever Michael Cole mentions the WWE app (roughly 87 times per episode of WWE Raw).

A remarkable new smartphone app, released this morning in the iTunes Store, automatically mutes your television at the precise moment wrestling commentator Michael Cole mentions the WWE App.

The app, called ColeBlock 1.0, has been selling like wildfire among wrestling fans around the world, immediately skyrocketing to the top of the iTunes charts.

When synced with your digital cable box, the app uses voice-recognition technology to pre-emptively cut the volume of WWE programming within a nanosecond of Cole beginning to mention the WWE App.

“ColeBlock is guaranteed to drastically increase your enjoyment of WWE programming,” says the app description on iTunes.

“With ColeBlock, you can enjoy wrestling without being constantly badgered to download the WWE app, vote in bogus polls and watch boring ‘exclusive’ content.”

For 99 cents extra, users can download an array of sounds to replace Cole’s voice when he mentions the WWE App, such as Randy Savage’s “Ooooh yeah,” Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s “Hoooo,” and Natalya’s fart.