World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) promoter Vince McMahon is in hot water once again after numerous complainants have come forward with accusations of McMahonsplaining. 

According to one anonymous source, the sports-entertainment mogul repeatedly McMahonsplained things in a manner that was “quite frank.” 

McMahonsplaining, according to a new entry in the Webster’s English Dictionary, is a patronizing explanation of a relatively well-understood matter, typically delivered with a gruff growl and a preposterous, arm-swinging gait. 

“He was always McMahonsplaining maneuvers,” revealed the source, who asked to be identified only as Mauro R. “And things of that nature.”

Whereas a similar phenomenon, mansplaining, is a patronizingly sexist explanation of a subject by a man to a woman, McMahonsplaining has no gender bias, instead demoralizing anyone who experiences it — particularly when McMahon ends his statements with “pal.”



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