Vince McMahon
Sources say Vince McMahon’s McMahonsplanations are quite frank.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) promoter Vince McMahon is in hot water once again after numerous complainants have come forward with accusations of McMahonsplaining. 

According to one anonymous source, the sports-entertainment mogul repeatedly McMahonsplained things in a manner that was “quite frank.” 

McMahonsplaining, according to a new entry in the Webster’s English Dictionary, is a patronizing explanation of a relatively well-understood matter, typically delivered with a gruff growl and a preposterous, arm-swinging gait. 

“He was always McMahonsplaining maneuvers,” revealed the source, who asked to be identified only as Mauro R. “And things of that nature.”

Whereas a similar phenomenon, mansplaining, is a patronizingly sexist explanation of a subject by a man to a woman, McMahonsplaining has no gender bias, instead demoralizing anyone who experiences it — particularly when McMahon ends his statements with “pal.”



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