The so-called “Tuesday Night Wars” of the sitcom world heated up again today when ABC announced that on Tuesday nights — in direct competition to NBC’s Young Rock program about Dwayne Johnson — it will air “Other Young Rock” about Don Muraco. 

The pilot episode of Other Young Rock will explore Muraco’s early days as state amateur wrestling champion in Hawaii, where he gained notoriety at age 12 for the giant bulgy veins on his hairy chest. 

The series features familiar faces of wrestling’s yesteryear, portrayed in cameos by some of today’s top stars, including: 

  • Mr. Fuji, portrayed by Hideo Itami
  • Hulk Hogan, portrayed by Walter
  • Greg Valentine, portrayed by Otis
  • Adrian Adonis, portrayed by Aleister Black
  • Bob Backlund, portrayed by Orange Cassidy

The next episode of Other Young Rock chronicles the time when 34-year-old Don Muraco (portrayed by Jason Mamoa) is the recipient of a Superfly Smash from the top of a steel cage — a moment that would inspire a young Mick Foley to do some very silly things himself. 


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