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The problems that plagued the McMahon Family Christmas Pageant have sparked concern about the company’s upcoming Kwanzaa Jamboree.

A beloved tradition among sports-entertainers and their families is to gather at WWE’s Connecticut headquarters for the annual McMahon Family Christmas Pageant, but this year’s event was fraught with problems, including the disappearance of baby Jesus, portrayed by Hornswoggle.

Vince McMahon, who portrayed Wise Man #2 after Lanny Poffo declined, was reportedly “furious” at a series of mishaps during the pageant, declaring it “the worst one in its 85-year history, quite frankly.”

Among the other problems that plagued the pageant:

  • When the innkeeper was trying to explain that there was no room at the inn, onlookers kept interrupting him by shouting “What?!”
  • The manger collapsed due to being constructed in the same manner as Spanish announce tables
  • The performance of “Away in a Manger” fell apart when guitarist Elias spent 10 minutes insulting the citizens and sports teams of Bethlehem.
  • The presentation of gold, myrrh and frankincense was followed by a five-minute chant of “You de-serve it.”

After Hornswoggle dashed away and scuttled under a nearby ring, a suitable replacement was eventually found in the baby that Snitsky punted.

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